Carving a guitar on a desktop CNC machine

We have recently started using our Mini CNC machine…. the video of the guitar being carved really shows how easy new CNC‘s are to use!  Click on the link to go to Rockler and see more of them. There are a lot of models and sizes to choose from, all really inexpensive.

We are going to use our mini CNC to carve signs, furniture parts, guitars, cabinet doors and pretty much anything we can think of. We purchased some extra software, PhotoVcarve, which outputs any digital photographs you take into CNC wood carvings. We also purchased a “Touch Probe” and “Cut 3D” software to run the probe. Inserted into the router, this device feels and traces any object you place on the bed of your machine, converting it into a file which  allows your CNC machine to carve an exact duplicate of whatever you copied! Check out the video below to see a basic tutorial on the Shark CNC Probe and what it does …..

Carving Wood signs Using a Mini CNC Router

We finally got around to using our new CNC machine!  All I can say is WOW!  The video here isn’t a video of us, (we haven’t made any videos yet), and our machine, while a “Shark ” brand cnc machine, is actually a higher model than the one in the video here.  ( We have the Shark Pro Plus …click the link to go to Rockler Tools and check it out! )

ANYTHING you can create, scan, or import into your computer can be carved into wood by these machines! You can create signs, carve guitar bodies and necks etc,  plaques, carve furniture parts, import and carve photographs into wood and the list goes on and on.

These machines can become a business all by themselves…. we live out in the country now, (moved to the rolling hills of rural Northern Alberta about a year ago), and are already receiving orders for farm signs. (We brought a 53 foot dry van full of  figured maple from B.C. with us when we moved:) Good thing, eh?!) We are also buying a lot of plainer softwoods locally, like Pine and Spruce, etc.

Take a look at the video!  The only bad thing about getting into this is that I already want an even larger CNC machine! I am looking into the Shopbot Buddy for my next one! (Next video)

Curly and Quilted maple for sale

Our friend at Andy’s Wood Barn in Abbotsford, BC , has huge amounts of quilted and curly maple are available for sale.  Whether you’re looking for a single board, table top slabs, or full lifts of figured maple, Andy has it in stock.  If you’re interested in any of this wood, please contact Andy directly at 604-504-5434 or by email

Curly Maple tonweood grade slabs 12 ft long, 8/4


Andy has a barn full of curly maple! All grades, sizes, everything from wide natural edge slabs to edged boards.

Closeup of one of the quilted maple boards like the one Andy is holding in the picture immediately below. (We bought a few of these ourselves, so there’s only a few left :)

Full length of the quilted maple board.

Flitch cut curly maple slabs 26″wide 8/4


Alder Guitar Body Wood Clearance

We have a pallet of alder guitar body blanks that we’re clearing out.  It will yield approx 60,  2 or 3 piece, electric guitar body blanks mixed.  The size of the boards range from 4″ to 10″ with the majority being 6″ to 7″.  The length is 20 1/2″ and the thickness is 1 15/16″.  The pallet size is 44″x44″x30″ and weighs 700 lbs.  This wood has been kiln dried and seasoned for 3 years inside our shop.  The boards have been surfaced 2 sides and the ends are sealed with anchorseal.


The price is has just been reduced from $1,000.00 to $750.00 for the whole pallet. Contact Christina for more info… we really need to move this wood to make room for new equipment.

This works out to just $12.50 for each body blank.

Pictures are showing all 4 sides and the top.

Smokey Black Burl Stabilized Wood now in stock at

We’ve just added some new stabilized wood to our store.

Smokey Black Dyed Maple Burl and Birch Burl

Stabilized Crosscut Spalted Horse Chestnut in Stock Now!

We’ve just added some incredible new knife handle blocks to our Stabilized Wood Store at

Stop by and have a look….This stuff is worth checking out!!

Over 70 New Stabilized Wood Knife Handles In Store Now!

We’ve just added over 70 new stabilized wood knife handle blocks to our store at
Be sure and check it out!

 Here’s a sample of what you’ll find…